do you know how much EASIER it is to just color in a character based on their element, like it saves so much time ; A ;”

Artist— Audra-Electra
OC— notfitforaqueen

Artist— Audra-Electra

OC— notfitforaqueen

I wanna draw. Leave me an ask and I’ll draw your OC (^∇^)

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I was different  to say the least. my hair was cut to that of a royal, my hairstyle and the way i wore my clothes where never up to me, i had a duty to fulfill, so i had to look the part no matter how young i was. My crown signified who i was and what i was there for…Haha, but my ambitions towards my role where, and are still pretty dull, as much as i love the crown i hold i don’t share the same views as i did as a child, i was very much dedicated to the people, more so than i was with the responsibilities i had to carry with the title i held. Books where my friend, which is why most of the people said i held a very sophisticated kind of structure whenever i walked. But really it was only because of my fathers strict teachings that led to such a thing.

I always dreamt of going outside, not the kingdom, eheh, i always got to leave the kingdom, and wander around the city, i’m talking about the above, the earth, i wanted to see what the sky was like and what flowers where, or what grass was and how it felt on my feet, but my father was always against the ideas, always telling me “ you can do whatever you like once you come of age but until then you shouldn’t think of such trivial things, your mind is to the kingdom for now 

But here i am now, and here i’ll hopefully stay. ]

stupidcoolfinnparty replied to your post:wait your hair is short now?

"Just get a cool hat to cover it all up!"

[ Muffled grunting noises in the distance ]

wait your hair is short now?


— “ Maintaining my hair has become
a hassle that i would do better off
with out, Besides, cutting it is a pain
i usually use a knife, which has poor results " —

I most associate myself with a shiny Eevee — Ron

I most associate myself 
with a shiny Eevee — Ron

if you guys send me asks i can reply to them when i get home~ I just drew a bunch of icons.

Artist: Audra-Electra
OC: Rainy

Artist: Audra-Electra

OC: Rainy

Sometimes she doesn’t cut her hair so it ends up growing long

M!A audra only see's dead eeryone she talks to as corpses for two days


Element M!A’s .w. yesss plz